The Lost Cargo of Kit Cloudkicker!

Years ago, Kit Cloudkicker jettisons a mysterious object bound for F.O.W.L. H.Q. from his aircraft during a clash with Karnage. In the present, Della teaches Dewey how to fly a plane before they and Huey meet with Kit to request his help in tracking down the lost cargo, the Stone of What Was. En route to the Stone, Dewey and Kit take a shine to one another before the gang encounters Karnage, who has been hired by F.O.W.L. to retrieve the stone. He and his crew find it first, but it transforms those who touch it into chimeric monsters. A bear / butterfly hybrid interrupts the battle for the Stone and flies away with it, with Della on its back. The others give chase, and Huey talks Dewey and Kit into doing what they do best: Dewey’s piloting and Kit’s cloud-kicking. The trio is able to save Della and acquire the Stone, though Karnage manages to procure a small fragment of it. Della is proud of Dewey for finally embracing his talent for flying while Kit is offered a job as a cloud-kicking sidekick to his old friend Molly Cunningham.