Let’s Get Dangerous!

Scrooge travels to St. Canard with Huey and Louie to invest in Dr. Taurus Bulba’s Ramrod, a device that can seemingly create anything from nothing. Elsewhere, Launchpad and Dewey reunite with Drake, who is struggling with his superhero career. While on patrol though, they catch a little girl, Gosalyn Waddlemeyer, sneaking into Bulba’s laboratory, who reveals that the Ramrod was actually built by her missing grandfather. Meanwhile, the others discover that the device actually summons items from other dimensions. They then confront Bulba, who turns out to be a rogue F.O.W.L. agent, as he proceeds to summon supervillains from the Darkwing Duck TV show into the real world, and a fight ensues. Bradford tries to control the situation, but is forced to flee when F.O.W.L. is exposed. In the end, Gosalyn destroys the Ramrod, returning the villains, and Drake asks her to become his partner, with Launchpad joining as well.