A Nightmare on Killmotor Hill!

After a long night celebrating Webby and Lena’s one-year anniversary as friends, they, Violet, and the boys go to sleep. However, they enter a dream world through Lena’s magic and travel through their favorite dreams. All the while, Lena secretly tries to avoid Magica, who has been invading her dreams over the past week. She eventually falls into her nightmare, where Magica claims that she is still evil because she is just like her. The others arrive to help Lena, but Magica turns Lena into a copy of her so they will attack her instead and prove Magica’s point. After Lena saves Webby from a falling chandelier, the latter sees her friendship bracelet, realizes she is not fighting Magica, and pulls Lena away from the real sorceress with Violet and the boys’ help. When the kids wake up, they discover Magica used a telepathy helmet to invade their dreams since she is still powerless. Seeing this, Lena destroys Magica’s helmet and the kids walk away while Magica vows vengeance.