Escape from the ImpossiBin!

To defend themselves against F.O.W.L., Scrooge has installed a new security system into the Money Bin and challenges Louie and Della to beat it. However, Bradford and Gandra, who turns out to be a F.O.W.L. agent, hack it and trap them inside, forcing them to escape for real. Ultimately, they make it through and Louie assures Scrooge they can beat F.O.W.L. the same way they always do: as a family. Meanwhile, Beakley and Webby try to train the others to fight off F.O.W.L., but they take things too far and eventually realize the error of their ways. Afterward, the family discover that the attack on the Bin was a distraction while F.O.W.L. agents stole all of Finch’s treasures they had found. In response, the Ducks vow to find the remaining treasures before F.O.W.L. does.