The Split Sword of Swanstantine!

Scrooge and the kids, including Lena and Violet, travel to Istanbird to find the Split Sword of Swanstantine before F.O.W.L. does. However, Scrooge gets into a fight with Heron, leaving the kids to find the pieces. Dewey and Webby race Gandra to the hilt and, despite being blinded by a flash bomb, beat her by relying on their instincts. Meanwhile, Louie and Violet win the crossguard in an eating contest against Rockerduck hosted by spice baron Christoph. Finally, Huey and Lena find the blade, but are confronted by Steelbeak. However, the former fights him off by channeling his inner rage. As the family reunite, the sword magically reassembles itself and empowers them. Outmatched, the F.O.W.L. agents flee, though they secretly succeeded in procuring one of Webby’s feathers.