Beaks in the Shell!

Fenton and Gandra maintain their relationship in secret while working on a virtual landscape called the “GizmoCloud”. Huey discovers this and is initially horrified to learn that Fenton is dating a F.O.W.L. agent. When Gandra explains that her true loyalties do not lie with F.O.W.L., Huey agrees to keep their secret, and tries to protect it from both Officer Cabrera and Gyro, who have grown suspicious of Fenton’s behavior. Meanwhile, Beaks’ popularity continues to dwindle, so he decides to steal Gizmo-tech again. When he finds out about the GizmoCloud, he traps Fenton and Gandra within it and takes control. Fenton uses Morse code to alert Huey, who recruits Gyro and Cabrera, and the five successfully overpower Beaks. Afterward, Gyro offers to help fix the GizmoCloud’s glitches while Gandra is received warmly by Cabrera. Gandra vows to leave F.O.W.L. immediately so she can help Fenton launch the GizmoCloud, but Bradford rumbles her plans and orders his agents to take her to the “Lost Library”.