As the Moonlanders launch their invasion, Scrooge gathers allies for a counterattack. However, it fails and Lunaris reveals his plan to make the Earth revolve around the Moon using a planetary engine. Elsewhere, a fearful Della flies the kids to safety, disguising it as a recruitment drive, but they are attacked and crash on an island; where they find Donald. Della tries to sway the others from leaving until Louie helps her see that it is okay to have bad experiences, as there will be good ones. Gladstone and Fethry soon find them and take them back to Duckburg on Mitzi. Meanwhile, Scrooge reluctantly teams up with Glomgold and outsmarts Lunaris with one of Glomgold’s dumb schemes. In response, Lunaris flees in his ship and attempts to destroy Earth, leading to a space battle against the Ducks. In the end, Penumbra arrives and damages Lunaris’ ship, leaving him stranded in Earth’s orbit. Afterward, the Moonlanders stop the invasion and the family celebrates, unaware that F.O.W.L. is watching.