Challenge of the Senior Junior Woodchucks!

Huey and Violet partake in a competition for a promotion to Senior Woodchuck. However, as Violet proves herself the better scout, Huey gets desperate and resorts to foul play. In the end, though, Huey’s conscience, appearing as a talking Woodchuck guidebook, gets through to him and he gracefully forfeits. Meanwhile, Scrooge finds a map to the treasure of Woodchucks founder Isabella Finch, only for the others to follow a strange bird instead. Ultimately, the family help Scrooge see that having your own adventure is more fun than following someone else’s, and the bird ends up leading them to Finch’s treasure: a list of treasures she never found. The family resolve to find them, unaware that F.O.W.L. is spying on them and plotting the same thing.