What Ever Happened to Donald Duck?!

Lunaris passes off Donald as a spy and sends him to the gold mines. Not wanting the invasion to happen however, Penumbra secretly frees Donald and tells him to meet her at Lunaris’ hangar so they can destroy the rocket fleet. When they eventually get there, they find that Lunaris has been planning to attack Earth long before Della came. Penumbra gives Donald a transmitter to warn Earth of the invasion before she is suddenly subdued. Lunaris appears and fights Donald after he threatens the boys’ lives, but the latter is able to escape on the former’s prototype rocket and return to Earth. Meanwhile, Dewey and Webby, wanting another mystery to solve, take up the case of Huey’s returned postcard to Donald. Their investigation leads them to a man named Jones, who they believe might be behind Donald’s apparent disappearance. They later find out that he was Donald’s anger management counselor, who helped him channel his temper into protective instinct. After picking them up, Scrooge gets Donald’s message, but fails to understand it due to poor reception.