The Trickening!

At Louie’s behest, the kids abandon Huey’s Halloween trick-or-treating plans and venture into a haunted house that is said to contain years’ worth of candy left there by terrified kids. However, they encounter the monsters Wereduck, Witch Hazel, Nosferatu, and Frankenstein, who scare kids to get candy. Seeing that they do not have any, the monsters decide to take them instead. Meanwhile, Scrooge closes McDuck Manor for Halloween, so Della and Donald spend the evening with Launchpad, who has grown up believing that Halloween is an annual curse that he brought upon the world. After attacking a costumed Scrooge, Launchpad decides to return to the haunted house where his troubles began and break the “curse”. Just as the monsters surround the kids, Launchpad appears and assaults the former with Donald, Della, and Scrooge in tow. When Launchpad realizes his folly and the monsters are impressed with his “trick”, everyone reconciles. Huey decides that the evening can still be salvaged by opening up McDuck Manor so that all concerned can enjoy “free” candy.