The Phantom and the Sorceress!

Lena is struggling to control Magica’s amulet, so Webby and Violet try to cheer her up with a sleepover. However, they are interrupted by an uncharacteristically unlucky Gladstone before being attacked by F.O.W.L. agent Phantom Blot, who stole Gladstone’s luck and now seeks Magica’s amulet. After narrowly driving him off, Webby and Violet convince Lena to seek out Magica to help her control the amulet, which the sorceress agrees to as the Blot is an old enemy of hers. Despite this though, the Blot overpowers them and drains the amulet, causing Lena to fade away. However, Lena uses her own magic, powered by the bonds with her friends, to defeat the Blot and return the stolen magic and luck. Afterward, Magica betrays the girls, regaining her amulet and powers, but is beaten by Lena, who pledges to use her powers to battle dark magical forces.