The Last Adventure!

While celebrating Webby’s birthday, the family raid F.O.W.L.’s base at Funso’s, only to find it deserted except for two clones of Webby, May and June. Taking them in, Webby becomes suspicious of her own origins while Huey discovers the clones are F.O.W.L. agents sent to steal Finch’s treasures. They follow them to the Lost Library, but are discovered and captured. Bradford then tries to get Huey to join him by revealing he is Finch’s grandson, but Huey refuses upon learning that Bradford intends to rid the world of adventuring. Meanwhile, Webby discovers she is a clone of Scrooge created by F.O.W.L. to retrieve the Papyrus of Binding, but was rescued and taken in by Mrs. Beakley. The family come to Webby and Huey’s rescue, but are captured and Bradford forces Scrooge to sign an anti-adventuring contract with the Papyrus. However, the F.O.W.L. director then turns on his own agents, prompting May and June to free the Ducks and they all defeat Bradford using a loophole in the contract, as “family is the greatest adventure of all”. With F.O.W.L. defeated, the family continue with their adventures.