The Golden Armory of Cornelius Coot!

At Fort Duckburg, Webby convinces the boys to join her on an adventure to find Cornelius Coot’s golden armory, which Della never found. They discover a secret mine entrance under Coot’s statue, and using Della’s journal, search for the treasure. Meanwhile, Big Time Beagle, who was kicked out of the Beagle Boys, follows them in the hopes of finding the treasure first and win back Ma’s approval. Elsewhere, Della tries to get ready to sky-write over the fort, but has to repair the plane with Launchpad. The kids find the treasure, which turns out to be corn, disappointing Webby. They are taken hostage by the Beagles, but they are saved when Della and Launchpad crash into the mine. Webby resumes looking for clues, so Della goes after her while Big Time captures the others with an army of spiders. When Della finds her, Webby reveals her determination to be like her, but Della assures her that she is already a great adventurer. They then discover that Coot used the corn and giant popcorn poppers to imitate gunfire and scare his enemies into retreating. The group escape the cave, while Ma invites Big Time back into the gang.