The Dangerous Chemistry of Gandra Dee!

While shopping for tech with Huey and Webby, Fenton meets rebel scientist, Gandra Dee, and invites her to his lab. Thinking it is a date, Huey, Webby, Lil Bulb, and Manny help make the evening romantic by setting up a dinner and locking Gyro in a closet, despite Fenton wanting it to be all science. However, they soon discover that Gandra is working with Beaks to get Fenton’s passcode so Beaks can use stolen Gizmo-tech and Gandra’s nanites to give himself super-strength. After beating down Gizmoduck and damaging the suit, Beaks kidnaps the kids, so Fenton goes after him. Having a change of heart, Gandra turns on Beaks and tries to short out his nanites, but his skin proves to be too tough. Fenton then distracts Beaks with his one weakness, social media popularity, so he and Gandra can beat him with his “Fentonium”-powered ping-pong ball. Before she stealthily leaves, Gandra gives Fenton the equation he needed to stabilize said ping-pong ball.