Last Christmas!

The family is celebrating Christmas, except for Scrooge and Dewey. In actuality though, Scrooge secretly goes back in time every Christmas to revisit his best parties with the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future. However, he eventually realizes the real fun of Christmas is spending it with family. Past, on the other hand, refuses to let go of their fun times together and traps him in time, but Scrooge outsmarts him and escapes. Meanwhile, Dewey, who secretly followed Scrooge to the past, ends up facing a wendigo with a younger Donald and Della. They manage to capture it, after which it is revealed to be Past. Scrooge, who came to take Dewey back, then makes up with Past and they all return to the present to spend Christmas with the others. Concurrently on the moon, Della gives everyone her best wishes as she continues to fix her spaceship.