Where the Magic Happens

Ben, Gwen, and Kevin pursue Aggregor to a mystic doorway known as the Door to Anywhere, through which Aggregor escapes to an unknown realm. Believing she knows somebody who can help them follow Aggregor, Gwen finds Charmcaster, whom she convinces to aid them after revealing that the dimension Aggregor went to was virtually made of mana. Charmcaster explains that this dimension is Ledgerdomain, the “realm of magic” where Charmcaster herself was born. The group is able to activate the door and enter Ledgerdomain, where they are confronted by Addwaitya, a dark magician who rules Ledgerdomain through an artifact called the Alpha Rune. Charmcaster reveals that her father, Spellbinder, was killed in the process of helping Hex and Charmcaster escape from Addwaitya and Ledgerdomain. The team is able to navigate Ledgerdomain and reach Addwaitya, who is suddenly defeated by Aggregor, who steals the Alpha Rune – revealed to be a disguised piece of the Map of Infinity. Aggregor escapes and the team flees Ledgerdomain, but Charmcaster stays behind, intending to avenge her father. Charmcaster is stranded in Ledgerdomain, and Ben states that they only have one more chance to defeat Aggregor.