The Perfect Girlfriend

Ben takes Julie to the airport so she can fly to a tennis tournament, but leaves prematurely in order to defeat Ssserpent, resulting in another argument between the two of them. Ben is captured by Ssserpent, but Julie suddenly appears and rescues him, revealing that she chose not to go to the tournament and instead wishes to stay with Ben. Gwen and Kevin grow suspicious of Julie’s one-sided and affectionate behavior toward Ben, especially after Gwen is mysteriously injured when she falls down an elevator shaft. Kevin stalks Julie to investigate and is suddenly attacked by huge, animated buildings, but is rescued by Ben as Way Big. Ben, realizing that Julie is not who she says she is, invites her to his house and then turns on the TV, revealing a rerun of Julie playing in the tennis tournament. Ben deduces that the real Julie is at the tournament, and the other Julie reveals herself as Elena Validus in disguise. Elena insists that she wants to be with Ben and get rid of anyone who stands between them. At that moment, Julie arrives suddenly, and Elena attacks Ben. Julie convinces Elena not to kill Ben, but Elena declares that she now knows what hate is, and vows revenge as she leaves.