The Purge

At a meeting of Forever Knight leaders of different factions, the old man from “The Creature From Beyond” reveals himself as George, the First Knight, and the founder of their order. The Forever Knight factions swear allegiance to George, with Driscoll serving as his right-hand man. George orders a purge of all aliens on Earth, and the Forever Knights kill or drive off more than five hundred aliens, including Pierce Wheels. Investigating the Purge, Ben and the team meet Mr. Baumann at his alien food shop, determining that the Forever Knights have targeted it. The Knights attack a group of aliens during a food supply run, and Ben and the team intervene, but the Forever Knights defeat and capture them. Driscoll then threatens to kill the aliens, but Ben challenges him to a duel. Ben defeats him, but Driscoll threatens to kill the aliens if Ben and his allies don’t back off; instead, Ben threatens to hunt down and annihilate the Forever Knights if they harm any of the aliens. Driscoll reluctantly withdraws, but George forgives him, saying honor means nothing against alien abominations, and asks Driscoll to prepare for “the Battle of a Hundred Lifetimes.”