Couples Retreat

Michael Morningstar steals a spell from Gwen’s spellbook and summons the Door to Anywhere, transporting himself to Ledgerdomain, where he encounters Charmcaster. Charmcaster becomes infatuated with him, while Michael discovers that he has limitless power when in her presence. Over subjective weeks, Charmcaster falls in love with Michael and ultimately reveals her true name to him: “Hope.” Ben and the team are able to enter Ledgerdomain and confront the duo; while Michael attacks Ben and Kevin, Gwen attempts to convince Charmcaster of Michael’s evil. Insulted after hearing Michael address Gwen as “lovely Gwen,” Charmcaster confronts him, and demands that he say her name. Michael calls her “Heather,” and Charmcaster, realizing his true nature, screams and banishes him and the others from Ledgerdomain. While a desperate Michael begs to be let back in, Ben, Kevin, and Gwen prepare to attack him again.