The Flame Keepers’ Circle

Julie invites Ben and Kevin to visit the headquarters of the Flame Keeper’s Circle, a cult she has recently joined. Their leader, Conduit Edwards, reveals that they believe historical human achievements were made with the aid of a benevolent alien named Dagon. While Julie is enthusiastic about the Circle’s charitable aims and efforts to advance technology to aid the less fortunate, Ben laughs at their superstitious worldview, resulting in a confrontation with Julie. Suspicious of the Circle, Ben sneaks into their building at night and discovers to his shock that they are holding Vilgax within. Vilgax explains that he survived their previous confrontation and was mistaken by the Circle for Dagon due to their resemblance. The Circle and Edwards confront Ben, with Julie intervening; Ben reveals the truth about Vilgax, and Julie turns against Edwards. Gwen and Kevin arrive, and the four of them are driven out by Edwards; Ben resolves to soon return and finally defeat Vilgax for good.