The Beginning of the End

Ben, Gwen, and Kevin are attacked by a group of Esoterica at Kevin’s garage, but defeat them. Determining that George has had enough time to stop Dagon, the trio investigates the headquarters of the Flame Keeper’s Circle, finding that they have all left to free Dagon from the seal. At the location of the seal, they find the Circle and the Forever Knights locked in an enormous battle; when they land, both the Esoterica and the Knights turn against them. Meanwhile, George and Winston enter the cave where the seal is located, but are attacked by Conduit Edwards, who fires an energy bolt at George; Winston takes the hit and dies, and George kills Edwards. At the seal, Dagon unleashes his “herald” upon George, revealed to be Vilgax, who has been infused with a Lucubra and become Dagon’s servant. Just as Ben arrives, Vilgax breaks open the seal, revealing a tunnel leading to Dagon’s dimension, though Dagon himself is still trapped in the seal. Meanwhile, most of the Forever Knights are killed in the battle against the Esoterica, including Patrick, Urian, and Driscoll.