Reflected Glory

While fighting the Forever Knights, Ben learns that his former bullies Cash and J.T. have started a web show with the aid of Oliver Thompson, claiming themselves to be the masterminds behind Ben’s success. Ben reluctantly agrees to participate in the web show after Cash reveals that he needs the money for his mother’s operation. The group learns that the Forever Knights are developing a power decoupler, a deadly cannon which absorbs energy from its surroundings. Ben and his team defeat the Forever Knights but are suddenly attacked by Psyphon, Vilgax’s former subordinate, who saw the web show and wishes to kill Cash and J.T. to avenge Vilgax’s death. At Psyphon’s mercy, Cash reveals that the web show was a lie and that his mom only needed money for a nose job. Psyphon attacks Ben instead, but Cash and J.T. fire the power decoupler at Psyphon, defeating him. However, because the decoupler disabled Oliver’s camera, there is no evidence that Cash and J.T. were able to defeat Psyphon, leaving them ridiculed.