Episode CI

On a television broadcast, Aku announces to the world that he has captured Jack and isolated his sword, and decides that Ashi should kill him. As Ashi is about to stab the samurai, many of Jack’s allies rally to Jack’s defense, assaulting Aku and his fortress. After they free Jack, Aku overpowers them and Ashi prevents him from recovering his sword. While dodging Ashi’s attacks, Jack frees her from Aku’s possession by telling her that he loves her. Ashi argues with Aku and discovers she possesses her father’s powers, using them to recover Jack’s sword and send herself and Jack back in time to the moment right after Aku first flung Jack into the future. Jack finally kills Aku, freeing his family and undoing Aku’s future. Jack and Ashi prepare to get married, but as Ashi walks the aisle, she suddenly collapses and fades away, informing Jack with her last breath that Aku’s demise invalidates her existence. Jack goes off alone to grieve, but finds closure as he watches a ladybug flying free in a sunlit grove with cherry blossom trees in bloom.