Jack Tales

Jack vs. the Worm – Jack confronts a two-headed riddling worm that could grant his wish to return home. Upon answering a challenging question about which head always lies and which always tells the truth, he allows himself to be consumed by the “truth-teller”, only to learn that both heads are liars and are not magical as he finds himself in the bowels of the worm and surrounded by a group of disheveled old men who were tricked by the worm as well.
The Metal-Eaters – A family who claims their village was destroyed by Aku joins Jack for a campfire dinner. He quickly learns that they feed on metal as they try to eat his katana. As he fights them, he soon discovers they are all robots, who then eat each other.
Jack, the Gargoyle and the Fairy – Jack sets out to rescue a fairy, who can grant a single wish in her lifetime, from being trapped in a magic orb by a gargoyle so she can grant his wish to return home. When he reaches in the orb, he finds his hand stuck inside, so he quietly tries to steal an amulet with a similar orb from the sleeping gargoyle. Jack accidentally awakens the gargoyle while trying to free the fairy using only the amulet. After he kills the gargoyle, the fairy tells him that only the gargoyle knew the magic words to release her from captivity, so Jack wishes them both free.