Episode C

Ashi bonds with Jack as he tells her of his life before Aku. During the night, Jack ventures off alone, and by day happens upon the location where he unsuccessfully fought the Guardian of a time portal he was prophesied to use.[33] He finds the portal destroyed, as well as the Guardian’s broken red glasses. Ashi catches up to Jack, who explains he left her behind out of fear of losing her to Aku as he did many others of his loved ones. Ashi reassures Jack that together, they will defeat Aku. At that moment Aku appears with Scaramouche, who has finally informed Aku about Jack losing his sword. Upon seeing Jack does have his sword, Aku swiftly destroys Scaramouche. As Aku starts to leave, he senses his own self inside of Ashi. Aku recalls visiting the Daughters of Aku and leaving part of him in a goblet for them, and assumes the High Priestess must have drank it and given birth to her seven children, making Ashi “a true daughter of Aku”. Aku possesses and transforms Ashi, and forces her to fight Jack. Jack tells her to resist, but she is unable to do so. When Jack wounds Ashi, she briefly comes back to her senses and desperately begs Jack to kill her. Unwilling to do so, Jack drops to his knees and lays down his sword in defeat, which Aku then holds up triumphantly.