Jack and the Scotsman II

The Scotsman invites Jack to help him rescue his kidnapped wife from robotic Celtic demons. To prove himself worthy for the mission, Jack must first gain the trust of the Scotsman’s rowdy clan, who cannot help due to an ancient tradition. After passing a test of masculinity by throwing a muscular clan member over a great distance, Jack ventures with the Scotsman into the Castle of Boon, where the demons plan to cook the Scotsman’s wife into a stew at midnight. The demons’ leader, the Master of the Hunt, corners them as they try to rescue her. After he unintentionally insults the wife by calling her fat, she furiously overpowers the Master and his armies. The wife thanks Jack and her husband for their heroism, but as they prepare to leave the castle, Jack mentions that the doorway might be too small for her, prompting her to angrily chase him out as the castle collapses and the Scotsman begs her not to hurt Jack.