Andreas’ Fault

Argit is running a con selling insurance to the Forever Knights, threatening that if they do not pay him, he will destroy their castles. Ben, Gwen, and Kevin investigate and discover that Argit has befriended Andreas, one of the missing Andromeda aliens, and manipulated him into destroying the castles; out of fear, the Forever Knights have now become Argit’s servants. Argit is confronted by Sir Dagonet, a legendary Forever Knight seeking to liberate the knights from Argit’s influence; he captures Argit, Andreas, Ben, Gwen, and Kevin, intending to execute Andreas using an energy cannon. Ben and the team free Andreas, but Dagonet turns the cannon into a bomb and flees with the knights. On Argit’s insistence, Andreas absorbs the bomb’s blast, saving the others but seemingly dying in the process. Kevin punches Argit in outrage, and they part ways. Later, Andreas is shown to have survived, and is recaptured by Aggregor.