X = Ben + 2

The Incursean Emperor Milleous’s daughter Attea is kidnapped by the bounty hunter Sevenseven. Unless she is returned, Milleous plans to destroy the Earth. The Emperor’s majordomo, Raff, seeks out Kevin to help on the search. Using Gwen’s powers to track her, they teleport to a nearby dam to rescue her. When the dam is broken, Ben uses the untested Alien X to try to fix it. The task proves simple thanks to Alien X’s reality-warping capabilities, but Attea is yet again captured by Sevenseven and Ben finds himself locked in endless debate with the alien’s other two personalities, Bellicus and Serena, unable to move or transform back without their consent. Meanwhile, Kevin and Gwen struggle against the Incursean forces attacking them at all sides. Eventually, Ben is able to convince Serena to transform him into Swampfire, and makes quick work of the enemies. The team completes the job successfully, and Milleous informs them that Earth will be spared.