Con of Rath

Ben and the team are contacted by representatives of the planet Lewoda, who ask Ben to partake in a peace mission to deliver a baby Lewodan, the Tiffin, to their enemies, the Pantophage. While Gwen and Kevin are skeptical of the mission, the Lewodan ambassador, Zaw-Veenul, insists that it is merely a show of trust between the two species. The team travels into space using a ship provided by the Lewodans. During the trip, the Tiffin causes the Omnitrix to transform Ben into Rath, an aggressive and short-tempered alien of the Appoplexian species. With Ben unable to revert to his human form, Rath causes trouble throughout the journey to the Pantophage planet, including encounters with the Vreedle Brothers, the Incurseans, and Vulkanus. Eventually, the team reaches the Pantophage homeworld, and present the Tiffin to the Pantophage leader, Jarett. To their horror, Jarett unceremoniously eats the Tiffin, claiming that it is a rare delicacy. Rath, outraged, forces his way down Jarett’s throat to rescue the Tiffin, and threatens to do so again if Jarett starts a war with the Lewodans. Leaving the planet, the team encounters Zaw-Veenul again, and after he admits that he knew Jarett’s intention, Rath tells him to never speak to him again. The Lewodans depart with the Tiffin, and Ben reverts to his human form.