Save the Last Dance

Gwen asks Kevin to take her to her school’s dance, forcing a clueless Kevin to seek advice from Ben. However, Ben has his own problems as Big Chill is overriding the Omnitrix, and taking over his body with each transformation. Each time it occurs, Ben finds himself lying on a large metal structure which continues to develop each time he ends up there. Despite the fact that Julie helps him take note of his transformation into Jetray, he involuntarily hits the Omnitrix and turns into Big Chill. Ben has no recollection of the second transformation ever happening when Julie tells him in the morning. On the night of the dance, the group finds themselves following Big Chill out to the large metal structure. It bursts open, revealing green goo inside. Several bubbles of goo emerge and inside of them are baby Necrofriggians. Kevin reveals that Necrofriggians reproduce asexually once every eighty years, meaning that it will be unlikely that Ben will ever have to go through this again. Big Chill sends off his children to live on the Necrofriggian homeworld, and Kevin jokingly calls Ben “Mom” when he turns back. Seeing that they missed their dance, Gwen and Kevin decide to do so out in the desert.