Pier Pressure

Gwen convinces Ben to ask out his crush, Julie Yamamoto, on a date to a nearby amusement pier. Meanwhile, an alien spaceship crashes on Earth and releases a small, symbiotic alien which tracks down and attacks Ben. The alien kidnaps Julie and lures Ben to the crashed ship, which Ben finds is on a self-destruct countdown, with a Galvanic Mechamorph (the species of Ben’s alien Upgrade) is trapped inside. Ben is able to rescue the Mechamorph, Baz-l, and prevents the ship from exploding. Baz-l explains that the symbiotic Mechamorph, nicknamed “Ship,” was sent out in order to find a Plumber to rescue him, and mistook Ben for one due to the Omnitrix. Baz-l repairs the ship and leaves Earth, leaving Ship in Ben and Julie’s care. Ben and Julie then walk home together, while Ship flees.