The team gets word of a strange creature roaming around an abandoned desert town named Los Soledad. The creature seems to be aging everything it touches at an accelerated rate. While Ben, Gwen, and Kevin investigate, they see a strange man who seems to be able to disappear at will. After trying to fight him, the team learn that he is Professor Paradox, a scientist who was sucked into the event horizon of his time-travel experiment. Displaced from time and space, Paradox is able to move through time at will. However, the same mistake that rendered him ageless created the creature they seek. After analyzing its movements, they come to the conclusion that its movement is like that of a man desperately attempting to find his way out of a strange town. They realize that it was Paradox’s assistant, Hugo, and attempt to travel back in time to prevent him from turning into the creature. As they open a portal and push Hugo away from it, Paradox gets leverage from gumballs, which he claims are unaffected by time, and they are able to place Hugo back into his proper time. Back in the present, the team sees Hugo, and Paradox exchanges pleasantries with him before he departs. Kevin discovers that Paradox fixed his car in the process. Inside, he discovers a note saying that if it were to come into contact with anything from 1976, it would explode like antimatter.