Kevin’s Big Score

Kevin meets with an old friend named Argit, who claims he knows the location of a particular piece of alien technology that Kevin is looking for. Needing something to bargain with, Kevin steals Max’s RV, the Rust Bucket II, but after seeing the huge amount of Plumber’s tech and weapons inside it, Argit double-crosses Kevin and steals the RV for himself. The team follows Argit with a tracking device that Kevin hid on the Rust Bucket’s undercarriage and stops Argit, but Kevin storms away to seek out Vulkanus, who is in possession of the alien device. Kevin tries to make a deal with Vulkanus, but the latter forces Kevin to absorb a rare alien crystal called Taedenite, planning to use him as a living gem mine. Ben and Gwen arrive and defeat Vulkanus, and the alien tech Kevin sought is revealed to be a message from Max, who instructs Ben to put together a team of Plumber’s children to prepare for what is coming.