Jack’s Shoes

Jack is relaxing at a lake when three robots who can shapeshift into bikers destroy his geta. Jack follows them into Aku city to get revenge but can’t do so without footwear, so he seeks help from a shoe salesman. However, he has difficulty choosing an effective pair of shoes. The salesman finally gives Jack high-tech sneakers that cause him to uncontrollably bounce around the city. When one of the soles is punctured and deflates, Jack is sent flying into a crowd, where he notices a small boy wearing geta. He follows the boy to a traditional Japanese family home hidden in a jet engine mechanic shop. Tengu (Clyde Kusatsu), the boy’s father, who admires Jack, crafts him a new pair of sandals. In return, Jack gives him a sugegasa he crafted earlier. Jack is last seen using his new geta to defeat the robot bikers.