While fighting one of the Highbreed, Ben’s parents catch him transforming into Swampfire. Seeing as he comes home with a black eye, they forbid him from using the Omnitrix for fear of him getting hurt. With Gwen and Kevin on the trail of a Highbreed plot, Ben tries to sneak out of the house as Echo Echo. Once Ben’s parents see that he disobeyed their orders, they ground him. His various attempts to aid his allies by phone and by computer only results in Ben being forced to tell his parents about Gwen helping him, resulting in her suffering the same fate as her cousin, and leaving Kevin alone to find out what the Highbreed are up to, but later at the ship battling with Highbreed Ben’s parents are proud of him because Ben is the only one who can save the world and knows what he’s doing and they allow Ben to continue to protect the world.