Episode XCVIII

Jack recounts to Ashi the circumstances surrounding the loss of his sword. He fought Aku atop a mountain at the last time portal in existence when Aku destroyed the portal. Angrily, Jack fought and killed three innocent goats transformed into monsters by Aku. Traumatized after killing living creatures, Jack dropped his sword, which fell into a deep pit. In the present, Jack and Ashi return to the mountain, but they cannot find the sword. Jack realizes that the sword abandoned him because of his consuming anger. As Jack meditates to determine its whereabouts, Ashi defends him from enemy soldiers and foils a sneak attack by the High Priestess, killing her with an arrow. Jack’s meditations take him on an astral journey to an old monk, who tells him after a tea ceremony that he has lost his sense of spiritual balance. Relinquishing his anger, which takes the form of Mad Jack, Jack regains that balance and is transported to a heavenly realm where the gods Ra, Rama and Odin[30] give him his sword and restore his appearance from the last four seasons. After Jack returns to the material world, he and Ashi set out to confront Aku.