Ava Kirk, an old friend of Bruce Wayne’s comes to him for help, when her father, Paul, has been cloned by The Council, a mysterious organization to create an army of super soldier. They find out that his daughter is in Gotham and go to find, but so does the mysteries council. While Katana is fighting them off, one of them tries to kidnap the daughter, but Bruce protects her, and decides to bring her to the mansion for safety. She doesn’t understand what is happening, but agrees to stay; Bruce tries to get reacquainted. They try to understand the mystery of the men’s work relations, and the men that attack them. They are led to a warehouse full of the attackers, but are disintegrated by another attacker. They find out it was the daughters father, who was a mission, and was known as the Manhunter, but when he got wounded he was left for dead. He was then found by the council, and there his life changed. A scientist took his skills and DNA to build an inorganic army of the Manhunter. When Ava Kirk discovered this, he freed Paul. Her father spent in suspend animation, while they were creating the army, that is why is young. The soldiers break into the mansion and kidnapped Paul’s daughter, leaving Alfred. Paul and Ava thought it was best to contact Bruce in hopes on protecting his daughter, and once she was safe, then Paul could worry about the soldiers. Batman apologizes for the misunderstanding; a soldier appears, and Paul explains that they are controlled through a neuron network. It tells Paul that he has his daughter and if he ever wants to see her again he will come alone to the Gotham bridge. Batman offers to help, and the Manhunter accepts, but Batman knocks him out in order to bring him to the cave, since it is a secret. After making more of the ant-army toxin, they head out to stop the army and save Paul’s daughter. They stop the army, but with Ava’s life threatened, Paul surrenders himself. However, it turns out that he has a clone which they hack into. Paul tells him that he and the council are done using him. With Ava safe and the man in jail, her father comes to save good-bye, for he must leave to make sure that there is only “one Paul.” The Manhunter asks Batman to watch over her while he is gone, which he agrees.