The Apprentice – Part 1

Slade threatens to stop time in the city with a Chronoton Detonator. While searching for the device, Robin, on edge about the dream he had just before the mission, attacks everything in sight, including an innocent bystander. After violently sneezing, Starfire, allergic to metallic chromium – a component of the detonator – unwittingly becomes a tracker for the device. In the sewer, Robin is separated from the team by Cinderblock. After taking Cinderblock down, Robin finds Slade’s tracking device, using it to get to Slade’s headquarters, he fights Slade for detonator’s remote. The rest of the Titans chase after Slade’s henchmen carrying the detonator in a speed boat. Upon discovering that the device is fake, the Titans are blasted by a gun, which infected them with lethal nanoscopic probes. Wanting to keep the Titans safe, Robin becomes Slade’s apprentice.