The Alien Costume – Part 1

John Jameson and fellow astronaut Paul Stevens are sent to a newly discovered asteroid and discover a rock, known as “Promethium X”, which is said to be more powerful than plutonium. Unknown to the astronaut though, the “Promethium X” also contains a black, ooze-like creature, which manages to break free and tries to consume the two astronauts. The space shuttle crashes on the George Washington Bridge where Rhino is sent by The Kingpin to steal the “Promethium X”. Spider-Man arrives on the scene and manages to save Jameson and his fellow astronaut, yet unknown to Spider-Man, Eddie Brock is on the bridge too, and takes photos of him (and Rhino as well). However, when Jonah arrives on the scene, Eddie uses propaganda and frames Spider-Man for stealing something from the shuttle, which leads to a $1 million bounty on Spider-Man’s head. However, Eddie fails to mention to have seen Rhino at the scene also. Meanwhile, the black fluid hitched a ride on Spider-Man’s costume and forms over him while he sleeps, causing him to have a nightmare about the creature and his costume fighting over him and resulting in it forming a black version of his costume and Spider-Man finding himself hanging upside down in the middle of the city with no memory of how he got there.