Off Duty Cop

Daffy goes to see his idol Steve St. James, a character on Off Duty Cop played by Leslie Hunt. After meeting Hunt and realizing his character isn’t real, Daffy pretends to be Steve St. James and starts “arresting” innocent people for supposed crimes by handcuffing them with Porky acting as Daffy’s chauffeur (which the chauffeur character being named Brandon Steel many times on the series). Meanwhile, Bugs drinks less coffee on Dr. Weisberg’s orders, but Yosemite Sam sells him an energy drink called Spargle as an alternative which Bugs gets hooked on. Bugs does a lot of things around the house until he runs out of Spargle. When Bugs forcefully orders Yosemite Sam to take him to the Spargle factory to obtain more, Daffy and Porky pursue Bugs to stop him. Daffy ends up chasing Bugs throughout the factory until Yosemite Sam breaks up the conflict. Just then, the FBI raid the factory and arrest everyone that works there. It turns outs that dangerous chemicals are used in the Spargle drink, which makes it highly addictive. Bugs is taken to the hospital while Daffy is also arrested for his rampage of handcuffing people. When the lead FBI Agent wants Porky’s name to put down as a witness, Porky states “Brandon Steel” where the FBI Agent just lists him as “chauffeur.” Sometime later, Bugs is ordered to have only one cup of coffee (albeit an enormous cup).