Six months after the blackout caused by the League of Assassins; Batman trains Katana harder than he ever has, and Katana can’t seem to take much more. Batman/ Bruce Wayne is showing signs of unusual behavior ever since Alfred left. Gordon is now the new police commissioner, and new mayor Marion Grange appoints District Attorney Harvey Dent to put a stop to the city’s “mask and cape crisis.” Harvey Dent accuses Gordon of working with the Batman, but tells him he is not; which turns out to be false, he needs Batman help to solve the case. Harvey Dent talks to Gordon, claiming that Batman did it, and bringing him in will show everyone who he is, with the mask removes of course. Gordon doesn’t believe the evidence is strong enough to bring him in. Gordon states that they can bring him in for questioning, but the mask is another story. Harvey Dent thinks that Gordon is protecting him but Gordon calmly tells him that if he keeping pushing Batman, he may need protection. Meanwhile, Batman and Gordon both come to the conclusion that Batman is being framed for an attempted attack on the mayor’s life. Dent attempts to apprehend Batman, and Gordon tries to stop them, but can’t. With no other choice, Batman and Katana escape Dent and the police. Batman decides to give that person what they want and kidnaps Dent. Because of his actions, Gordon is forced to set out to hunt for him. It turns out to be Anarky who framed Batman. He places wrist bombs on each one of them, and threatens to blow something else, unless Batman walks with Harvey Dent to surrender to the police. Katana thinks his plan is to simple but, Anarky tells Katana that he will detonate the wrist bombs as soon as he is arrested. Meanwhile, Batman takes Dent to go and disable the other bomb, while he is working to disable the wrist bombs. Katana tries to call Anarky’s bluff of the wrist bombs and flees, but Anarky follows her. The police catch up to Batman and Dent just as he is about to crack the code; Batman tries to tell them of the wrist bombs, but Dent doesn’t allow it. Batman subdues the first wave and tries to talk to Gordon, but it isn’t until both Anarky and Katana arrive that Gordon believes him. As they fight, Batman manages to slips all their wrist bombs onto Anarky, and tells him that he won’t detonate the bomb without him dying too, but he does. He escapes through the sewer system. Everyone survives the attack, but Dent wants him arrested but Gordon refuses. Katana voices her concerns about him, but he tells her he is fine. The mayor decides to fund Dent’s operation, much to Gordon’s dislike. However, she thinks him it may be the only way to stop him. Katana calls Alfred, telling him that they need him.