King Ramses’ Curse

A pair of “cat burglars” heist a precious, ancient slab, and are confronted with the ghost of its Egyptian owner, King Ramses. Torn from their hands by Ramses’ curse, the slab happens upon the farmhouse. When Eustace is greedily unwilling to part with such a valuable treasure as informed by Professor Frith, the Pharaoh’s ghost constantly demands “Return the slab” and ravages the farmhouse with a triad of plagues. Unfortunately, Eustace ultimately reclaims the stolen slab after the third plague. The Pharaoh’s ghost reuses his third plague to devour Eustace. The next day, Muriel and Courage hear Professor Frith’s television news report that the slab has been safely brought back to the Pharaoh’s tomb in Egypt. Muriel thinks about her husband’s whereabouts which turn out to be on the slab below outside the sarcophagus of Ramses.