Chapter II: Farewell, Spider-Man

The Spider-Men stop Spider-Carnage in his home dimension, but he escapes to another dimension, the one where Spider-Man is a billionaire. With limited power Madame Web sends the original Spider-Man to this dimension, where he finds himself engaged to Gwen Stacy, and finds Mary Jane alive. Though it seems Spider-Carnage can’t be stopped, this reality is where Peter Parker made the right decisions; a still-alive Uncle Ben manages to bring the real Peter’s personality out of Spider-Carnage, but the symbiote is too strong. Spider-Carnage jumps into an unstable portal that destroys him. When all the Spider-Men are being returned home, the powerless one explains that in his world, he’s an actor that portrays Spider-Man and that he is a fictional character. Spidey journeys to that world, where he meets his creator, Stan Lee, and takes him web-swinging as thanks for creating him. Madame Web then takes Spider-Man to find Mary Jane as a reward for saving reality.